Maier Award!!!

I was nominated for Marshall Universities Maier award in Creative Nonfiction earlier in the year. My piece Handbook has also been accepted for publication at Adelaide Literary Magazine. Honestly, when I saw some of the people that submitted I resigned myself to a loss and prepared to congratulate the winners. I knew some of the people that had submitted and had been in workshops with them. Let’s just say that it was intimidating company.

Blah, Blah I know just get to it right?!? Well, I found out today I tied for first place with the amazing Kayla Queen Dyer (who secretly was the intimidating competition). So anyways long story for a short purpose. Congratulations to Kayla for being amazing and I will continue striving to keep up. If you are unfamiliar with her work and have a second go check out her blog and website

I want to thank my mentor and teacher Joel Peckham, without his constant pushing and flat refusal to accept anything but my best I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now and loving it.


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