The Gunslinger

So, I really don’t know who reads this or finds it interesting but I’m hoping for the best and I’m going to keep posting as I finish other books. Enjoy!


STICK WITH IT! This book is a testament to Stephen King’s skill in scene and character creation. Truthfully, it is a tough read and miserable in some places due to King’s need to illustrate and create the world that he is going to be writing in for the next several books. It is incredibly slow in the beginning, and you honestly feel lost. I nearly gave up several times, but I was determined to push myself through, and the reward was worth it. Don’t seek to understand everything happening right out of the gate. Just go with the flow and ride the ride. It will explain itself in due time. Right about two-thirds of the way through the text, I realized how involved I was and curious, I had to know more and King, ever the master of his audience delivers just in time by the end I was laughing out loud and screaming, grimacing and acting things out right along with the main character. Like the main character, The Gunslinger is tough and gruff, and difficult, but it grows on you, encapsulating you and bringing into a world that feels every bit as real as the one we inhabit.


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