Drawing of Three

I am working my way through this series; I have a weird thing about reviewing books in a series, it just feels like at some point I’m saying a lot of the same things. Stephen King as always is a detail writer, that is what makes his writing amazing. He writes characters as if they were real people no matter the situation, plot, or reality they are authentic and believable people. With that in mind, this story is tough; there is a lot going on and very little explanation This happens for a purpose. You are the character go with him for the ride, he doesn’t have all the answers, so neither do you. As he learns you learn and you find yourself so completely immersed in what is happening that it is overwhelming. King’s pacing is also on display in this series; he draws his readers along to the point of exasperation then just when you are so conflicted, confused, and frustrated. He gives you a piece of the answer. I am blown away by his control in this series. Trust King, he likes the build and will make you and his characters work for the answers, but they are there and always coming just keep moving forward a step or two further.


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