Drawing of Three

I am working my way through this series; I have a weird thing about reviewing books in a series, it just feels like at some point I’m saying a lot of the same things. Stephen King as always is a detail writer, that is what makes his writing amazing. He writes characters as if they... Continue Reading →

The Gunslinger

So, I really don't know who reads this or finds it interesting but I'm hoping for the best and I'm going to keep posting as I finish other books. Enjoy!   STICK WITH IT! This book is a testament to Stephen King's skill in scene and character creation. Truthfully, it is a tough read and... Continue Reading →

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

I just finished up reading Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces those of you that know anything about my current academic research, will know that this book is fundamental in almost everything I write. I am excited to write a review for it. Look for it by the end of the night tonight. OK,... Continue Reading →

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