Myrtle Beach Part 1

A few months back, I headed down to Myrtle Beach for my daughter’s cheer competition. Not a bad drive, right about seven and a half hours. I figured I could work all day Friday and leave right after work at five or so o’clock and be fine to drive. A few people said I was being crazy, they said I would get tired driving, I should just take the day off. Of course, in truly belligerent Marine fashion, I refused all advice. I made a plan, and as the week progressed, I kept planning to do some laundry and pack so I could leave straight from work and not have to have to drive all night….Yeah, you see where this is going, huh? I failed miserably at the very first part of my plan, turns out that would be the story of the weekend.


Adelaide Literary Magazine

Adelaide has posted my essay Handbook on their website and it will be for sale on Monday the 15th. The link to read it online is It will be for sale in the current issue section of their website. Go check it out! If you have any questions or feed back please feel free … Continue reading Adelaide Literary Magazine

Maier Award!!!

I was nominated for Marshall Universities Maier award in Creative Nonfiction earlier in the year. My piece Handbook has also been accepted for publication at Adelaide Literary Magazine. Honestly, when I saw some of the people that submitted I resigned myself to a loss and prepared to congratulate the winners. I knew some of the … Continue reading Maier Award!!!